Smile and be happy because things could be worse, a duo show with Josefin Arnell at Sorbus gallery, Helsinki. 


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White Walkers at Tallinas 10, a group show curated by Kaspars Groshevs in Riga.

23.09 – 22.10. 2017
Documentation / press: 
Echo Gone Wrong

internet is present

Friends only: The Internet is Present Part III 

A group show in Gallery Vriend van Bavink, November 25 - December 24, Amsterdam. 
Check their website here ( recommended ).  

The Community - Being-in-the-World

We have recently opened our collective's self-titled space in Paris, in the address 65 rue Chateau d'Eau. 
It's our take on genre-surpassing creativity, with curated shows presenting contemporary art and design. 

Best of both worlds. 

Visit the website of The Community.

Make Art World Great Again / Antwerp Art Weekend

A group show curated by Soft Focus Institute with Marlies DC (BE), Kasper De Vos (BE), Angelica Falkeling (SE), Aapo Nikkanen (FI), Plural Authorship Collective, Susanne Schuda (AT), Sorbus (FI), Yann Vanderme (FR), Sara Van Woerden (NL), LINK.

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Images : Images / Cosmos Carl

A beginning of an archive to last one thousand years (or more), LINK.

3.4 2016 - Never Forget (1995) / Such Gallery Helsinki, Finland

I'm having a mini show in Helsinki, go pass by if you're in Töölö. LINK.

16.1.2016 - Vestibularis / CAC Vilnius

Event featuring: Alex Bailey, Kroot Juurak, Josefin Arnell, Gora Parasit, Jurgis Paskevicius, Alisa Snaider, Monika Lipsic and Aapo Nikkanen.

5.1.2016 - be me - a collection of greentexts featured in media!

10.12.2015 - be me - a collection of greentexts available!

The book be me - a collection of greentexts is now available in Amazon
For more information visit greentext.org or the Works-section.