Images : Images (2016 - 2021) 

Images : Images is an archive of the Google image search results returned by the search term ‘images’. Each entry of the archive will contain the two first pages returned by Google image search with its standard setting, as well as the first page returned with image size = large setting. Entries to the archive will be recorded each month for five years and stored in the Internet Archive.

In the five-year term the project aims to track the evolution of the online popular visual culture through the trends found in the image searches. At the same time, each entry to the archive is a snapshot of the present collective subconscious and shows us what we - together with Google’s crawling algorithms - consider to be a beautiful image.

Although these images can be dismissed as kitsch or tacky, their mesmerising quality is hard to resist. They certainly are attracting, reassuring us that there is hope for tomorrow and that life still has some magic left in it. In 1000 years, when one of our descendants stumbles upon the archive and understands that this is how we wanted to be remembered, I have succeeded. 

TL;DR for the next five years I will be googling the word "images" in the Google image search and saving the archive for all eternity. 

The piece premiered in Cosmos Carl, a versatile infrastructure that encourages artists to find new means to produce and present artworks online. Cosmos Carl invites artists to reclaim online platforms as arts paces. 

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