Aapo Museum (2012-)

Aapo Museum was originally created in 2012 inspired by the essay On the New by Boris Groys. It was conceived as a tool to broaden my artistic practice, as well as to deal with themes of authority and power in the institutional constructions. It has taken many forms: in its physical form it has among things hijacked one of the most loved art spaces in Amsterdam during the heat of the cultural budget cuts (Coming Soon, W139, Amsterdam, 2013), received an award from the International Council of Museums (Aapo Museum, Chukotka Projects, Amsterdam, 2013) and publishes a quarterly report every three years.  

Since late 2013 it has focused on providing a platform for digital contemporary art projects that escape the traditional means of presenting artworks. It hosts a digital collection that expands with every exhibition, thus permitting access to all the works in the collection, anytime, from anywhere, in their original forms of presentation. 

During its second season (2016-2017) Aapo Museum focuses on the structures behind power, authority and credibility. 

Visit the site here.